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July 2014. Recommended CPD courses that may interest you.

Right relationships

This module addresses, in its first section, the importance for professionals of right relationships, linking it in the second sections with the African ethical concept of Ubuntu and its parallels in several of the world’s great ethical traditions and with relevant ideas in the work of two important thinkers, Martin Buber and A.N. White-head.

1 Verifiable CPD Ethics Hour. Enrol in this course.

Why be ethical? Human nature, brain science and success

The module is designed to help Registered Auditors, Charted Accountants and other accounting professionals deepen their ethics. It explains ethical practice and why it leads to success, personally and professionally, using ordinary experience to explore human nature. Ethics is then linked with modern brain science. The connections between ethics, brain science and professional success are then shown.

1 Verifiable CPD Ethics Hour. Enrol in this course.

Workplace integrity

This module explains integrity as a fundamental professional and business value.The first section opens with a short, fictitious case linked to important recent research about workplace integrity. Then it explains what integrity is all about. The second section provides ways of enhancing the ethical fitness of both the Individual professional and the workplace.

1 Verifiable CPD Ethics Hour. Enrol in this course.

Consumer protection act

This article discusses the Consumer Protection Act with its far-reaching provisions regarding the marketing of goods and services and how it applies to most transactions involving the supply of goods and services between suppliers and consumers.

1.5 Verifiable CPD Hours. Enrol in this course.

Tax in the Cloud - A briefing for tax directors

This article covers a number of direct and indirect issues, challenges and opportunities that can arise out of utilizing Cloud computing, as well as significant tax issues for both parties in a Cloud supply arrangement, providers and purchasers.

1.5 Verifiable CPD Hours. Enrol in this course.

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